On September 30, 2014, after nearly 40,000 hours of service, myTooq.com shuttered our invoicing service. 

While the final pulling of the plug came about after a server error that could not be resolved, we struggled with the decision for a couple of years. We certainly didn't have a large user base, and money to continue developing the service was not in the cards. 

We learned a lot and have transitioned over to a web development agency over the last couple of years and closing this down is a sad milestone.  A reminder that even with good intentions, hard work, and taking risks, that failure looms all while providing a chance to learn, grow, and rise from the ashes.

Thank you to everyone that ever signed up and used the service. 


We can help recover any invoices that were sent using mytooq.com. If you downloaded and mailed your invoices, we do not have access to them. We do not have plans at this time to restore the service for retrieval given the low user count, but will consider it if it is required. Please email me directly if you require assistance: brian at mytooq dot com.

Please visit us at http://tooq.ca if you're in need of a website, SEO services, or general technical consultation.